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  • They did let him out to go to the bathroom before they retired upstairs.
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  • He placed an arm on either side of her head and leaned down to bring his mouth to her ear, Waiting for me? He grinned down at her knowing she was lying, After all this is a big place.
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  • She needed to figure out if this would last too if she stayed with him. They certainly didn t satisfy, for no matter how many possessions a man obtained in his life, if he didn t have someone to share those things with, his life remained empty.
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    What a horrific thought to destroy a rare, beautiful, untouched woman.

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  • At least she was excited about seeing her friends after all what had happened the night before. A movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention.
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  • She had made it this far and she wasn t about to turn back now.
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    His legs grew sore from the endless miles he walked, making his pace slower than he wished. Then she continued, I ll come by at nine to take you both to church.

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    Cole stared in disbelief as Charles dumped Ted s unconscious body on the floor of the abandoned home that Cole had found.

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  • She d given up on wearing a dress while she washed clothes.

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  • Regardless of what the legendary Vampire portrays, you are the true Prince of the night and you must protect your own.
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    Regardless of his role, Tanya, he did save your life and it nearly cost him his.

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    She blinked a couple of times to focus her gaze, what happened?
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    He did come from a highly respected lineage that were known for their strength, intelligence and loyalty. He d forgotten how old she was sometimes because she 302 Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story radiated such maturity beyond her years.

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  • Then he effortlessly piled another three dozen, two to three hundred pound crates around and on top of it to hide the evidence.
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    If this is about what we discussed last night, I still haven t made up my mind. Esther might be a church going woman who stuck adherently to propriety when she wasn t on fire, but the woman figured out much more than she let on.

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  • Tanya noticed that she seemed unusually open, and happy, considering the news she had received earlier.

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  • She knew it was the only way she got Elsa this far and by manipulating her kind gentle nature, and she was determined to make her continue. Ted still managed to pull Linda past Gabriel and out the door.
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  • He reached over and cupped her chin, and to his surprise, she didn t flinch, I ve never felt as complete as I have with you. His face hot from embarrassment, he turned to the computer monitor.
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