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  • She d let him touch her leg without thinking twice as if she d known him for years.
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  • He stayed near the train tracks and continued to keep guard, especially when a train passed by.

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  • She repeated as his voice bore the words into her mind like gospel.
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  • And did you? she sarcastically asked as she struggled to keep up with him.

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    Seeing him standing half naked before her made her forget herself, Ted, there s a problem.

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    I must remember, that you aren t used to the luxuries that I am. He d anticipated getting back on the train, but now he dreaded it.

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  • Not because he wanted to return to the future but because he didn t want to live without her. He had been injured before, many times so this wasn t new to him.
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    Lucas had a lot of Romanian employees that have been fiercely loyal to him over the centuries.

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  • He would need them to take her home, while he went after Tanya.
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  • He never realized he had needs the likes of her.
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  • Who? but Gabriel had already turned around and walked away without answering with the wolf happily padding at his heels leaving her gaping at his back. Elsa couldn t hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes, No one has treated me the way you do, Lucas.
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    When they reached the dance floor, the tempo changed and to his dismay a slow song started to play. Regardless of his admiration, there was so much at stake here.

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    That ought to set the snake slithering far away from Megan! She kissed him before she got in the car and he watched as the car pulled away.

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